About us

1. Who we are

The European Enterprise Institute (EEI) is a non-profit, non-party affiliated organization, registered in Belgium.

It aims to promote entrepreneurship in the EU policy community and to provide a platform for the ideas and philosophy of entrepreneurship throughout Europe.

The EEI works to facilitate research, debate and positive political action in all areas of policy with impact on the conditions for entrepreneurship, incentives for innovation, competitiveness and economic prosperity. The EEI seeks to strengthen the network of likeminded think tanks and people and to foster the Euro-Atlantic dialogue.

The purpose of the EEI is to:

2. Where we stand


3. Executive

The Directors will see to the planning, implementation and administration of all projects, publications, events and activities, and raise funds in accordance with the commission for such activities.

Director of External Relations, Policy Counsel
Mr. Chris Horner


Christopher C. Horner serves as Director of External Relations, Policy Counsel for the European Enterprise Institute. In addition to this he is practicing law and working with several think tanks and policy organizations in Washington, DC, principally on issues of treaties, international trade, energy and environment.

For EEI, Mr. Horner brings over a dozen years of experience in Washington on Capitol Hill and with law and government-affairs firms providing counsel to policy organizations, elected officials and regulated entities. With EEI he builds on his experience also working closely with European think tanks and political organizations.

Mr. Horner frequently speaks before academic and industry audiences, and has written on numerous topics in publications ranging from law reviews to legal and industrial trade journals to print and online opinion pages. He has testified before the United States Senate Committees on Foreign Relations and Environment and Public Works. Horner has made several hundred appearances each on both television and radio in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Horner appears weekly on nationally and regionally syndicated radio shows in America, is a regular guest host of several radio and television programs, has frequently written in the Washington Times opinion pages and is a guest columnist for United Press International, TechCentralStation.com, and OpinionEditorials.com.

4. Board

The Board issues the general guidelines on policy and activities, membership and finances, staff and statutory meetings.


Peter Jungen

Peter Jungen Holding GmbH,
European Enterprise Institute,
European Business Angels Network (EBAN)


Peter Jungen is an entrepreneur/angel investor and chairman (owner/founder) of Peter Jungen Holding GmbH, Köln, Germany with investments in various industries and service related companies. Prior to that he was Managing Director or CEO in various companies.

After graduation he joined a large German private group, where he served for about 20 years as Managing Director. In 1986 he was elected CEO of STRABAG, one of the largest German civil engineering groups. After a successful turnaround of Strabag he started his own entrepreneurial activities in 1991 and founded Peter Jungen Holding GmbH. He is a Partner of the Halo Fund, Palo Alto.

He is a chairman or board member of several companies and institutions, i. e. New York Philharmonic New York City, International Angel Investors.org, Palo Alto, Idealo Internet GmbH, Berlin (Chairman), Flossbach & von Storch, Vermögensmanagement AG, Köln.

He is chairman or member of several advisory councils: i. e. Deutsche Bank AG, Ost, Frankfurt / Berlin (Chairman); AXA Colonia Konzern AG, Köln; Pipeline Engineering Consulting GmbH, Berlin; New Atlantic Initiative, Washington. He is a member of the International Advisory Board, Columbia University, New York and a member of the International Josef Schumpeter Society.

He is Founder President of Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland (BAND) and President of European Business Angels Network (EBAN) (2001-2004), Association of Business Angels of the USA

He is Co-President of the SME Union and Chairman of the Economic Policy Council of EPP. He was vice chairman of the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers‘ Association (VDMA) and a member of the presidency of the Federation of German Industries (BDI).

In September 2000 the leading German business magazine „Wirtschaftswoche“ named Peter Jungen one of the 100 most important personalities who shape the future of the „New Economy“ in Germany (New Economy Top 100).

In August 1999 Peter Jungen was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Born on 21 August 1939. He holds an MBA from Cologne University, Germany.

Mr. Gunnar Hökmark

Chairman of the Committee of the Constitution of the Swedish Parliament, MP since 1982. Chairman of the International Committee of the Moderate Party. Former Secretary- General of the Moderate Party and was between 1986 till 1991 executive director of Timbro Idea. Between 2000 and 2002 I was the managing director of the Institute of Reform. Born 1952. Master in Business Administration at the University of Lund. Married with Agnetha with three children.

Mr. Jerzy Samborski

Jerzy Samborski is a co-founding board member of the EEI. He served as its Executive Director in the years 2006-8. He is a Polish entrepreneur and international business consultant. From 1992, after his return to Poland from UK where he run his own publishing studio, Jerzy Samborski served as the CEO or at other executive posts with several Polish and foreign companies, i.e., Ringier Poland (CH), Trader Polska (USA); Allianz. In 1996 he founded Polish Middle Class Association with 35 000 members and six years later UNICORN – the European Union of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and of the Middle Class. He is the author and coordinator of “SMEnterReg” project – the European Programme of Activation and Integration of Subregions. Mr Samborski serves also as Vice-President, responsible for regional policy, of the SME-Union, a business association within the EPP-ED party. He frequently participates in public and political activities at a national and European level. Born in 1948, he completed Engineering Department of the Maritime Academy in Szczecin and 2 years of PhD studies (English Literature) at London University, holds MA in Polish Philology of Poznan University. .

5. Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of a number of distinguished public officials, academics and entrepreneurs from Europe and overseas.

The EEI Advisory Council consists of the EEI Executive Board:

And the following distinguished members:

6. Fellows

Senior Fellow: Johnny Munkhammar, Sweden.

Born in 1974. Program Director, Timbro, a policy research institute in Sweden. He has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and Economics. Author of books on economic policy, the latest is “European Dawn – After the Social Model”. His previous professional experience includes Senior Advisor for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Editorial Writer and Partner in a Public Affairs Consultancy. He has written chapters in several books – such as in “2007 Index of Economic Freedom” (Heritage/Wall Street Journal) – and published numerous reports and papers. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, universities and seminars all over Europe, and appears regularly in the media as a columnist, op-ed writer and commentator on radio and TV. Web log: www.munkhammar.org.

EEI membership is open to individuals and legal persons. For further information click here