Events 2007

Task ID Description of Event Date
1 Conference with Professor Phelps, Renaissance Hotel, Brussels; P. Jungen, G. Hoekmark, J, Samborski, J. Buzek, P. Ruebig, J, Elles 02-06
2 Warsaw Students Debate with Peter Jungen and Jerzy Samborski 03-12
3 Brussels Hot Issue in Warsaw - German Presidency: P. Jungen, J, Samborski, 03-13
4 Students Contest for Essay on Europe 03-19
5 Contest for Essay – Winner’s visit to Brussels and participation in the conference 03-27
6 EEI Participation in the European Ideas Network event The Hage 05-02
7 Working Breakfast European Parliament - Ensuring Fairness: G. Hoekmark, J, Samborski 05-15
8 II Contest for Essay for Students 05-21
9 Poznan Students Debate on Climate Change with Chris Horner, Jerzy Samborski 05-21
10 Summer EEI Reception - The Greatest EU Reformer - Professor Balcerowicz; W, Martens, P. Jungen, G. Hoekmark, J, Samborski, 06-26
11 Working Breakfast European Parliament - Flexicurity: Karin Kriis-Joergensen, J, Samborski 06-27
12 Working Breakfast European Parliament – Alternative Dispute Resolution 07-03
13 Krynica Panel “Through Education to Innovation – Building Entrepreneurial Culture in Europe”: J. Muehlfeit, C. Weinberger 09-06
14 Launching EEI Policy Paper “What Competition Has Done for Europe?” by Johnny Munkhammar; G. Hoekmark, J. Samborski, Karin Kriis-Joergensen. 09-11
15 European Resource Bank Meeting Bucharest; Presentation of new Policy Paper by J. Munkhammar 09-14
16 European Ideas Network Summer University Warsaw; G. Hoekmark, Craig Mundie, J. Samborski 09-20-22 09-20 &nbsp &nbsp
17 Passport to Trade, Conference co-organized with SME UNION, Brussels – A. Abbruzzini, J. Samborski 10-17
18 Co-organized with European Commission “Open Days of the Region Panel “Clusters”: P. Jungen 11-09
19 “Less and Better Regulations for SMEs” Conference co-organized with SME UNION: G. Verheugen, P. Jungen, C. Leitl, 11-20
20 Educating Entrepreneurship, European Parliament – Jan Figel, Jan Muehlfeit, J. Plecity, J. Samborski 11-21